Elevate your performance. And achieve better people development results.

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Elevate® Assessment System

At CPP, we understand the pressure you’re under to provide learning and development solutions that will enable your people, teams, and organization to excel. And we’re here to help you with that.

CPP is replacing SkillsOne® with the Elevate® online assessment tool, making delivering assessments to your clients an easier and more user-friendly experience. Elevate includes new features developed from customer feedback and best-practice user experience, allowing you to:

  • Optimize your productivity with a sophisticated, yet intuitive interface
  • Automate the administration of assessments, track completion, and send reports to clients – fast, easily and efficiently.
  • Accelerate business results with zero IT investment through our Cloud-based service

With Elevate, you’ll be able to elevate your performance and achieve better people development results.

Auto-generate Reports

  • No more late nights generating multiple reports on SkillsOne.
  • Receive reports to your email inbox in real-time as clients complete their assessment.
  • Pre-set the Auto-Generate Reports feature on Elevate with a simple click of a button.

Print Multiple, Double-sided Reports

  • Save paper and time, and print more professional reports.
  • Elevate allows you to print multiple, double-sided reports easily.
  • All reports are packaged up in one convenient zip file.

Group Clients into Projects

  • Save time and effort by organizing clients into projects on Elevate.
  • Set up projects for initiatives with common attributes and assessments.
  • Select "Create a Project," name and date it, then add your clients and assessment products, and you're ready to go.

Purchase Reports Page

  • Elevate matches combined reports with the right assessments.
  • See immediately what other products you may need to purchase when you order a combined report.
  • View a full list of approved options to suit your needs.

One-stop Shopping

Are you tired of having to purchase assessment reports on SkillsOne but support materials on cpp.com? With Elevate you can:

  • Purchase all your favorite products in one place! Say good-bye to multiple orders on different platforms.
  • Browse the catalog for both reports and support materials, add them to your cart, check out, and go!

Save Payment and Billing Info

Are you frustrated with having to re-enter your credit card information every time you order on SkillsOne? With Elevate:

  • Use the secure payment and billing feature and eliminate the hassle.
  • Enter your information once, click Save, and never worry about it again!

Order History Made Easy

  • Need to find a recent order or invoice fast?
  • Access your complete Elevate order history in one click.
  • Go to "Your Account > Order History" to find every order you placed and easily print copies of invoices.